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Imaging method using the bad weather
This is a flash that will brighten the dark scene, but you can be a romantic photo With this flash. Way is simple, just take while keeping an flash when rain or snow is falling a lot. Then rain and snow that has fallen at lightning speed to the eye is stopped copy only at the moment the flash hits, makes the photos to gorgeous like a star and illumination.
This method can pretty downpour, do not appear to clean and not a heavy snow. Rain and snow is the shutter chance when I fell violently. Not even notice to wet the camera is too crazy to be taking pictures at that time, was broken camera when viewed suddenly, please be careful that there is no that.
Way of flash stop, it is so easy just to shoot while using the flash. So, take the way you might think whether there is only one is, the amount of rain and snow captured area in the direction that directs the flash will change. For example, when directing the flash in front rain or snow Ballmer to the entire outer surface, it looks like you're falling a lot. However, If you shoot towards the flash up, so captured area is rain and snow towards the top, you will scene like it began like now. Even if you use the internal organs flash, it is possible to fill the lower half of the light-emitting part, you can be a similar adjustment.
Knack of this approach is to control the strength and direction of the light, is to adjust the amount of grain that imprint. It would be good to try out various Since impression varies Oita even just changing a little. White balance or natural color, it is better bluish. It becomes bluish with nature because in the case of rain or snow cloudy basically. Let's directly out the blue of the time unique. Also, is the romantic is better, which had been opened a little space towards the sky to fall rain and snow than copy the object to the entire screen.
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