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Re-discover the charm of refraction!
The air that ball lens, ball, such as glass is not crowded reflected background behind among them being refracted, is that of the lens can be used to take pictures of the mysterious atmosphere. Background is not visible because it blurred. In addition, since the use of the refraction, views bleeds through from the actual will be reversed. Since the lens is selling it might be it is too early to buy it, but you can take the photo, such as air ball lens is also not have to buy.
For example, there is a similar effect in the marbles. You can anything if things round in which refraction of the light is. The glass not only, to say it in also there in nature, water droplets also plays the same role. Tips If you take without the air ball lens, is to adjust the focus firmly to those such as glass, background bleeds through. If you try to take a small thing is it is difficult to adjust the focus, but crowded Ballmer in the beautiful scenery and have a firm, and very nice photo. In addition, at the time of shooting, it is recommended macro lens that can by up to close to the subject. If you try to shoot without the air ball lens is difficult also to conditions, but the by natural feel than unwanted reflections made, you will illusion that there is a world that was different only there in the everyday.
It 's bother hate to buy a lens, I would like to experience the unwanted reflections, what about it is people try to actually make that. And then you can make it easy to use the empty boxes of candy, there is also a site that introduce how to make. Because it is a place of approach, I think I even try once. You can feel the mysterious world. Not only landscape, there is also a way that imprinted the thing of a certain one. Might be things of everyday look different from the usual.
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