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Delicious things, it is fundamental to shoot to delicious
When taking a cooking, it is how to use the light that becomes important. Depending on the food, but not the feeling you have dry alternative cuisine, it is possible to be in glossy photo, it looks more appetizing. To glossy photos, you can use the lighting in the restaurant, you will warm atmosphere photo of when you or take a soft light from the window in the window seat. The same applies if you take at home, it is a good night near the bottom and windows of lighting. Also, acts like a paper reflector you have laid down dishes and cakes, it is possible to also take the soft photograph, when taking the photograph by or cook at home, using a white plate is also recommend.
When you take a photo, first look at the cuisine as a whole, let's choose the best appearance looks good angle. And let's take in as much as possible backlight. I get mouthwatering gloss to cooking in doing so. That you do I do not, it is to use the flash. Light too strong darker also shadow of cuisine, you will not be able to show the cook delicious. And, you will inconvenience to other visitor and I were restaurants. In addition, cooking my looks more appetizing to be vivid. You can set the white balance to the red-eye, in the finish setting, I think it is also good to choose a vivid. Composition of when taking the cuisine will also be an important point. When viewed by cuisine, and to is the one hand and also to shoot cut the part, how in the shop in the shop, a little blurred out of the situation is such as terrace, and I think that it is also good to put as background you. Since it is often the atmosphere of the shop is thought to match the cuisine, I think more is to look better as a photo cuisine. Conversely, if the atmosphere and background of cuisine does not fit, I think it is good to become as much as possible cut.
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