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Take a mono, and the like lighting in a room, you say that you shoot like accessories. What determines the impression of pictures when the take things and light, is the atmosphere of the background. And even if you shoot the same thing, in the color and the atmosphere of the background, also radically change the impression of the subject. In addition, precisely because such a background, choose the one that suits the atmosphere of the subject, you more good of the subject is looking better. Background Again, it is better to shoot stuck to light. For example, and small flowers, even by shooting in the soft light of those cute impression, it becomes a soft impression photo. In addition, sharp things such as glasses or is, you can use the light stronger, I think If you minus the exposure compensation in order to low-key atmosphere from the photo that the atmosphere was more pronounced.
Also, I want to try when you take the thing is that you can highlight and take big small thing. When you bird thing, but it is important that further give the atmosphere and also put the background, you may goodness and meaning of itself is more easily transmitted by close-up only on the subject. For example, you can try to take at an angle, such as rings, if there is something there is a protagonist among the subject, I think that's one of the hand and also to take the cut there. Also, rather than take the only subject, it is also possible to highlight the atmosphere of the subject in other things. For example, if you take a container that contains the sugar in such a coffee shop, but is also good for the background the state of the store, paper and near, it is possible to copy such a together toothpick, propagated more cafe atmosphere. In this way, it takes only one subject, and if you append the atmosphere such as a background, there is a way to append the atmosphere by subject and the atmosphere is put in supporting roles such as the same thing.
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