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It is interesting me pictures!
The trick photography, you can use the perspective, and can cut the only moment in the shutter speed of the faster, it is a photo that looks like is actually going on phenomena such as impossible to.
When you take a picture using the perspective, it is important to the pan-focus. The pan-focus, from the center of the screen to the end, I say that the state is in focus on the entire screen. So, by increasing as much as possible the F value, be taken so as not to create a blur will become the point. The location where you want to shoot, to is interesting because as wide as possible more can be is exaggerated expressions, you can above all easy to practice. However, or as large as possible subject to put in before, you can also shoot indoors if the devise. The tips of the shooting, that F value is fully opened, so photos composition becomes important, it is a way for even take to clean to use a tripod to prevent camera shake. As to shoot in early shutter speed, it is possible to improve certain Futtobu scene photography, etc. You can like floating in the sky to jump, the boy cartoon. You can also shoot indoors, but since with the motion on the subject, please shoot make sure that it is in a safe state. Knack of shooting, and be taken to increase the shutter speed, is to cut the timely shutter. This technique is one that can be easily even in camera can not be set the shutter speed and F value as a single-lens reflex. Because it can shoot afterimage of the subject Futtobu even without the shutter speed is even faster, then you have a sense of movement, even if you can not set F value, fit the focus to the entire alternative camera, because the photo of the pan-focus can take, I can very much without discomfort shooting. Here, although we introduced two types of trick photography, and I think that it is interesting trick photography in ingenuity are other can take.
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