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Leaves the important minor part!
There are leaves illumination for applications before blurring. Just bring the leaves in front of the subject, shining, you will gorgeous. Since the leaves illumination is bright better looks beautiful, gently more when combined with high-key, it will result in a loose feel. Maximum point of this approach is whether it can find what it is the leaves that shine receives the light of the sun. In addition, a good Maybe even some If the subject and leaves that becomes the main is some distance away.
Take the way of leaves illumination is to the aperture to open, to find a clean blurred position while changing the distance between the leaves by moving back and forth, only to shoot. Since I should take in the same way as before blur it is possible to emit light that was brilliantly without need also a special way, it is easy. Leaves to let blur before looks blurred becomes larger one one of the closer to the lens light. Farther if the distance between the lens and the leaves are farther to the contrary, I will blur the light was clearly small. Leaves to shine at that time, is good is better of hard leaves, such as the sasanqua and camellia. Because, stiff better it is because they are making a lot of light that was brilliantly reflected in the sun. This flower is so often seen in town or during implantation, anywhere you can issue a glittering like illumination.
Tips when taking a leaf illumination is to the white balance to reddish color. This technique is good cloudy or shade high-key with the compatibility because high-key look good is a perfect, you will feel warm originally. However, it will also be the fantastic atmosphere in the bluish white balance, such Yo an image of inorganic of or electricity because it likened to illumination. Lens is easy to shoot because easy to blur is more of a telephoto lens, but it is possible to take in other lens, let's boldly challenge If you find a stiff leaves.
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