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Leaves become beautiful backlight
When you take a picture with backlight, it is transmitted light that wants to use. The transmitted light, thin leaves and, bottles and jars, by the light through the such as colored glass, such as stained glass, it becomes easy to say and sheer thing to being that take in backlight. Light source enters into the screen, but since between the light source and the lens will be the object enters, not the strong impression, it is a technique often be a rather soft impression photo. Subject through a light, it and three-dimensional feeling to be taken with backlight than shooting in order light, the air feeling of the place comes out, you can show impressive. In addition, when the thin object, such as leaves overlap partially, partly to or become a little dark color, I can also a child to have a vivid impression.
If you want to shoot using the transmitted light, there is a need to change the exposure compensation to suit the subject. For example, when shooting the glass or bottle, to strengthen the light from the light source, and exposure compensation to shoot at slightly higher, it is recommended because the shape and color of the bottle and the bottle is clearly visible. Since the contents of the bottle and the bottle is a slightly darker look often, please shoot a little brighter in issue vivid and crisp clarity. Also, I think that stained glass is roughly often be seen in the room. When the room is bright and the exposure compensation to a negative, let's care so as not to impair the brightness of the stained glass. The same applies when the room is dim, in order to give more impressive the light and color of stained glass, the exposure compensation to be to a negative, I think a good photo. By transmitted light overlap, color will continue to increase the vividness. In terms of familiar example, autumn leaves and will be listed in one. Not only to take the tree from a distance, I think impressive photo is completed by taking the overlap of one by one of the leaves in backlight.
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