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Effective when you want to put out the presence of people and I'm shadow
Silhouette representation is a chance to change the white balance. Was allowed to highlight such as the sky in the back and it causes the subject to shadow. Since the subject to be taken originally have collapsed in black, there is no need to worry about the change of color of the subject. So, when you silhouette, it is not allowed to unnatural pictures even if changing the white balance, has the advantage of not affect. You can also control the color of the background in the white balance, you will be able to go closer to the image of his petition. This is the abandon to change interesting even when the color when you take the silhouette. Be empty only beautiful, but when that contains the sun, the sun also because a change in the color white balance will be more fantastic. Silhouette casual scene also changed dramatically, for us to dramatic. The technique of silhouette, there is also a way that to issue a pressure atmosphere in the photo are other. You can be plus the sharpness of the subject by using this.
In addition, there is also a way to place the silhouette as frame. This method, unlike the usual silhouette take the color of the background such as the sky, and place the subject in the back of the silhouette. Easy to move the eye to the subject by doing so, you can take a strong presence photo.
Thus silhouette There are various ways to take. Mixed sky and was the red and blue of the sunset and sunrise, there are a lot shooting chance, such as bright blue sky sunny day. Also, please try and have fun taking a lot because sunset and sunrise even change color depending on the time.
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