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Subject will be fantastic emphasis
As its name and approach, it is a way to take a picture while approaching (zoom) on the subject. This imaging method, the camera and can be slow set the shutter speed, can not be that it is not the camera of the zoom ring. Did on very slow shutter speed, and at once turning the can at the same time the zoom ring and release the shutter, and look good at in the manga, you Ballmer is something like the effect line. Easy to say and will remain afterimage of the subject. When you release the shutter, you do not fit turn the zoom ring at once, or not become lines in a straight line, it may become rattled. But is it is quite difficult to clean straight line, and to challenge many times, please try your best to clean lines appear. Also, at the time of shooting, to become a shooting while turning the zoom ring, there are many to be become blurred. At such times you can shoot many times, in the shooting in the viewfinder, you will less likely to blur when shooting with support using also head. Even I think that's one of the means of using a tripod eliminate blur.
Effect lines used in comics is the same in the photo, the effect is as if there is attention to the subject. Of course, if you use the ordinary this technique also subject you will photograph a powerful but, and illumination, it is possible to use this technique to what you are glowing, it becomes in the photo, such as light stretches, you will be more interesting. In addition, people who want to take the train or automobile that ran from the front, might be interesting even try using this technique on the subject of the state that has stopped. And even if it is not running in practice, since the effect line can be, and I think that it can be used to take the photo, such as if they were running the subject. However, it is down to the station of the home, is that it Nante to shoot the train has stopped please do not absolutely.
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