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Spreads fantastic world
When in the low-speed shutter to rotate the camera less rotation of the central portion, the greater the rotation is as on the outside. You can be a mysterious space in landscape not anything by using this method.
This imaging method is simple, to increase the numerical value of the F value, in the low-speed shutter, just rotate the camera. As a work, whether or not there is something appealing, and is said to be Although it is very difficult, looks ordinary to places and things unrealistic Using this method, you will funny pictures. Once the theme is People who looked even without me laugh Kusutto is good at it, and I like that photo.
Tips when taking this photo, place the subject you want to stop transferred to a center, is that it is to prevent blurring when you are rotating. While image that the bar is through the center of the lens, you can rotate the camera the center of the lens to the axis. Please turn off the shutter while always so movement is not Shimawa stopped rotate at the moment the shutter is released. Pinto I fit the center. In addition, the lens is more wide angle of view as a wide-angle lens and ultra-wide-angle lens is effectively increased flows, but you can also be taken with any lens. However, such a telephoto lens, because there is a possibility that rotates together also subject of center subject is gone reflected large, is had better aimed at the fairly distant object in the case of a telephoto lens.
Rotation sink because it is a simple way you can take a variety of ways depending on the idea. Let's take a lot if you decided to subject you to center. Introduction might often fail by or shake, but looks stopped is coming and interesting about the central part accustomed. Please try to take in various places because neither imaging method choose the subject.
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