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This technique of dealing with time to photo
The static and dynamic, have stopped only subject that becomes the main, the subject than is moving, it is a photograph that. With this technique, it seems to stopped only time of the main subject, and the world to see with the naked eye you can issue the mysterious world different.
Take the way of the static and dynamic, the slower the shutter speed, just take it up the F value. At that time, because there is a risk that lead to camera shake, it is good to use a tripod if possible. While shooting many times will help you find the perfect shutter speed to become blur of preference.
Has stopped the subject is as much as possible to move a way is good. Building if it is easy, but please be careful to those that the movement can not be predicted, such as a person or animal. Moving subject will receive a neat impression without mess better shake is large. In addition, moving towards that flows subject is more, it becomes feeling that the subject was lonely that has stopped, will increase the loneliness. That part, let's take it while changing to suit your thoughts.
White balance will vary by what you want to tell, but if the main subject is stopped, because often feel the loneliness, or natural light, and in some cases I think that the good in bluish color. Although also feel like similar to the panning in places that are flowing around the main is stopped, a technique for the panning representing the speed of the subject to be the main static and dynamic becomes the main because it is technique that represents the unique atmosphere that subject has the impression that you feel when you saw the photos you have changed at all. Let's choose the technique had their own thoughts.
It is the reference level, but with the first described birds how there is also a reverse way of shooting. The main subject is allowed to deliberately blur, if you take a picture as has stopped background, you will be moving to the subject. This method might be stronger of purpose to tell the speed of such speed rather than convey the feelings such as loneliness of the main subject.
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