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Light of magician, motion blur
Subject shake things blur caused the subject is moving, or I is called motion blur. This shake is looks like a failure at first glance, but you can shoot the interesting work by changing the way take the subject.
For example, the night of the highway, when shooting in late shutter speed in the state where the camera was fixed with a tripod you can line of light. This is also the same principle as motion blur, but it will be fine piece of work. The other, and I think that it is funny pictures even in Ferris wheel and roller coaster with a light take.
It is also possible to play with two or more people by using this imaging method. First, the camera that can shoot a long period of time, tripod, I will prepare a flashlight or penlight. To have this go to the dark place, to determine the range to shoot at and set the camera on a tripod. The height of this when the camera is in the eye level, range, please set your camera in a position of not much run-off from the screen by turning the big arm people with the flashlight. When the photographer presses the shutter button, who has a flashlight to move the arm and turns on the light towards the camera. Then I will draw a line in the same light as the motion of the arm. It is possible if there is a camera and lights and tripod, small children can play in together. When you search for "PikaPika photo" on the Internet, you have seen various people work using a line of light. "PikaPika", please take a look people who are interested because some videos.
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