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Without fear of failure, super high key
First, and when you want to bright pictures and high-key, it is a technique to use when you want to put out a friendly atmosphere. You can express the looseness By using this technique, you can be a warm photo. Soft and beautiful things, we are facing when you want to take a whitish thing. You can take a gentle high-key photo bright by often using the exposure compensation function. However, the portion of the photo you want to take there are times when become white is important part is gone too bright, and ends up in high-key case was the highlight, care whether not white is subject when taking a high-key Please shoot with have.
And, is the super high key is further strengthened its high-key. It is a photograph, such as if you had missed the camera settings, but you can be a soft expression such as painting Using this method. So, I called the super high key technique to try to reproduce deliberately failed. Although it is Arawaza, but only this, a wider range of expression.
Way is simple, it is only too plus using the exposure compensation function. It is what you would hesitate unexpectedly If you try to deliberately try to fail, but this case is just good enough to such overkill is. You also need abandon goodness To this technique. When the super high key, rather than the white balance to the natural color, or red color, such as cloudy, with a blue color, such as a light bulb in reverse, the stronger the more unique view of the world of super high key. In addition, this super high key has become a condition that there is a severe contrast. So, is good and there are things that I want to show the dark part. Please be careful because there is no contrast would seem to just a failed photo.
It is difficult to predict whether the suit to any subject because it is pretty bold expression. You might be able to take a picture that did not also expected to try a variety of subject.
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