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Girari and a cool photo!
If you want to finish in sharp photos with the low-key, it is a technique to use when you want to dark photo rather than a bright photo. This technique is intended to be the basis of exposure, you can be a cool photos that heavy feeling sharp. So, the subject is male, steam locomotive, are facing what hard or heavy factories. In addition to the difference and to take part want of light and dark will have even opposite in the case is a highlight. Since is also used in silhouette photo is a typical presence of imaging method. If there is a highlight, even when there is no sharp in the photo you want to take so that you can take a low-key it as a point, but completely when it is the case of a flat beam state, be careful because become just underexposed photos is required.
Those taken its low-key in the backlight is the Girari. Girari is is the aim eyes when the light of the sun is reflected and train side, line, on the surface of the water. By taking this to normally be too strong light in the low-key, you can be a dramatic representation and sharp expression.
This technique can be effective photo is better you have to minus the exposure compensation to a dark part is completely black. It also makes for a refreshing photo because disappear thing extra that around by black. When you take the Girari, white balance is the better of what color of the sun, such as cloudy or shade looks darker. If you think it is trying to shoot Girari, begins to find a place to light of the sun is reflected. The sun unexpectedly and faster from moving, reflection position Let's start immediately shoot you find so would immediately change. While it might be hard to find what light is reflected, please try to take a lot since it is possible also to shoot in such a building.
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