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Eye level
You say how to shoot from as it is of the height of the photographer's eye and eye level. This is a general camera angle. By shooting in eyes of the photographer by the eye level, you will be able to fit in the photo in a natural way than the other levels. Since themselves to shoot at the height of the eyes that have seen when the life usually, do not feel too much discomfort, it will be photos with a sense of intimacy even on the side you are looking at. When set up in an attempt to take a picture, nature and angle will this eye level. However, once you always shoot at this angle, let's challenge to various take way because sometimes it feels a little there is no change to photo that precious to take was.
Low level is to shoot with a camera in low position. Of low-level advantage when you try to take a subject toward which I took from a low level rather than take from the eye level, the background is not only on the ground, is that is captured area balance well what is around. In addition, increases the freshness because what was unlike scenery you are looking at everyday look that's low level. It might be nice try changing the height to shoot If you think that there is no fun to try to take in the eye level. Such as the height of the much ground grazing position and waist to say that low level, let's take some photos by changing the position slightly to try so many there. If such as cats and children of the subject, it is recommended because when you take pictures using the eyes of the subject is the distance between the subject feel closer.
By the way, do you know the difference between angle and level? You might think that it's the same kind of thing, angle at an angle of when shooting, level is the height of the camera. Also when I take to change this angle and the level in the same subject, also you will be a little bit different atmosphere. Let's try to find the most attractive in the captured area location.
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