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High Angle View
If you shoot the same subject, the atmosphere by simply changing the angle can be changed. One of the angle to issue a perspective by wide-angle lens, there is a thing called high angle of how to shoot so as to look down from a high position. Aka, also known as bird's-eye view, be taken from directly above is called true bird's-eye view. You can now feel the spread on the screen by high angle, you will the appearance and situations around to be able to capture atmosphere well. In addition, in the case of a flat object, you will be able to copy and easy-to-understand form. From above and up the stairs, from the window of the building, from the top of the chair, let's shoot by, for example, or lifting high enough on you can a stretch, or the camera head. It becomes extreme story, but it will be the photo that was taken with even high angle such as aerial photographs.

Low angle

Another angle to give the perspective by wide-angle lens, there is a thing called a low angle in a way to shoot so as to look up from the low position. Aka, both tilting says. You can stronger perspective by low angle, it is possible to free widely the top of the space such as the sky, you will be able to take a picture with airy. Such as buildings will be in the photo that was more emphasized the strength and grandeur of the subject. You can sit on the ground, and lying or, let's say we were shooting, such as by the camera to the low position of the grazing ground. Since the low-angle can be used to emphasize the depth and height, is good compatibility with triangular composition. When you take the plants such as flowers at low angles, clearly rather than to be and it was taking pictures, it is recommended that you take pictures in the sense of taking the atmosphere. Wide-angle lens camera, of course, is also effective ultra-wide-angle lens camera.
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