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Classic retro tone sepia.
When you want to take photos of warm impression is cloudy white balance, or you think that it is change in shade. It is possible to give a warm impression out is reddish in photos in doing so. To further add the settings to there, you can take a sepia photo of retro atmosphere.
First, I will set the Picture Control to "monochrome". Furthermore, when performing the Advanced I think that there is a thing called "toning". It is possible to be the setting, you will be able to have a color to black-and-white photos. In order to warm retro atmosphere, and then select the "sepia". This setting is the end.
Next is the subject chose. The reason for modern ones on the subject also hope that it will be interesting, but if was set so much trouble become sepia, I think retrospective ones and it is good to the subject. When shooting, let's keep in mind that it becomes a photograph that color is was dimly missing When you shoot with the settings of high-key feeling. If you want to put a heavy feeling in sepia photograph of, either shooting in low-key, If you shoot in the increasingly black by increasing the contrast, you can take a picture with weight.
The "toning" in the Picture Control that uses earlier, you can also be set to cool not only the sepia. Warm, please be used in proper use by impression you want to give it such as lonely.
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