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Vivid is an impressive photo!
The vivid, it means "bright" in Japanese. In other words, you say that the photos taken by setting a high contrast and saturation. Since become crisp color of the picture and if you use this technique, you will be able to take pictures with sharp. If you increase the contrast of the photo, you will photograph of sharp impression black tightening. Saturation, increasing the density of the color color will be flashy. And if you understand these, it is possible to take a more vivid pictures than now.
How to make this setting depends on the camera you want to use, but can be changed So if there is a thing called Picture Control to the setting screen. In addition, even without adjusting the contrast such as yourself, it seems there is also a camera setting that vivid from the beginning there.
Subject of recommendations for when you want to make this take how is the night view. Is emphasized brightness of dark and light at night by increasing the contrast and highlights the color of the light is further increased saturation. By doing so, I think that it becomes in the photo that has moved the beautiful light and vivid colors than when taken in the usual setting. However, there is also a disadvantage in vivid. When too high contrast and side, the phenomenon of color saturation will occur. This is that would have all colors of the fine part is, I will become a planar photos by this happens. If you want to take a more realistic shades photo of, let's stop blindly and raise the contrast and saturation.
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