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Monochrome is basic in the basic shooting techniques.
Through the photos to black and white, because of the atmosphere and always retro taste is familiar in the photograph of color, you can also put the freshness. Also become disadvantages in color, it is also possible to me turned to advantage in monochrome. Good subject of chemistry in black and white photography is an old thing, some of the irregularities, are like those contrast is strong. Just because it does not mean that do not take the other things.
When you want to black-and-white photo you can use a black-and-white film, you can take just the finish function to "monochrome". In addition, it is also possible to finish in black and white on a computer after you took the photo in color. However, please note that you can not be a black-and-white photos to color. Advantage of black and white photography, because the color is uniform even in a state in which many things are claiming each other color is a lot, and highlights the subject, is to become the firm photos. Furthermore, it highlights the subject, adding serious atmosphere, instead of being somehow to monochrome, and dare called "serious monochrome" to be black and white. For example, closer to the serious atmosphere by eliminating the cheesy color, it is possible to be in black and white, when you subtract do not need information, such as large brightness difference and cheesy color so that you can show more strongly the essence of the subject.
When you select a monochrome finish function box allows you to select one of "filter effect". You can be the adjust the contrast when I take a photo by selecting it. By the way, yellow, orange, the contrast in the order of red will be higher. Monochrome In would be assimilated and concentration are the same, or close also because different colors are represented by shading, you may photograph becomes less visible. However, since it is to differentiate the color by making the adjustment of contrast in this filter effect, you can prevent the assimilation. In addition, roughness of the noise of the image that causes prone to unsightly image quality degradation also become a photo-like graininess by to monochrome in color, you can finish in the photo that gives a sense of reality.
If you monochrome, you can look cool and it just, you become want to use to overlap a number from the fact that it is Ppoku work because atmosphere comes out, rather than resulting in to the matter not just black and white place, take it assess the use far from it is important to make strive to be.
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