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Symmetry pleasant to the human eye!
The symmetry, I will say that the left and right or top and bottom of the photo is in contrast. This ingenuity, very simple, loosely, you will photograph you feel the gentle impression that a sense of stability. In addition, symmetry makes out a more friendly atmosphere by combining a high-key. Symmetry can be represented in two split composition. That show if there is water that mountains and buildings to appear plainly in such two split composition to symmetry also I think that interesting. In addition, not only left and right and up and down, is one of the ideas in the symmetry also to shoot diagonally symmetrical.
Thing thing called perfect symmetry is it is difficult to find in nature, such as. However, symmetry is or me finish the photos in simple things that calm, since in those very well-balanced, is a technique that is favored in art in general as well as photos. Symmetry has been utilized in many things familiar. For example, in industrial products will find a lot of things that is a symmetry. And say why, it is because the artifact it is that it is preferable to incorporate the beauty of symmetry.
You need to be careful when you are shooting in symmetry. Also great pains to find the symmetry thing, or camera body became diagonally, you really messed up when there is a shift due to camera shake. When you release the shutter with the camera in my hand, requires the best of care to allow properly shift photography without. At that time, when the subject is moving things such as an animal, please be careful because there is less chance that you can shoot.
Symmetry, may also be present in buildings such as arcade. Let looking carefully because it may have hidden symmetry also in the everyday casual landscape. And subway station home, I think symmetry can also find in the bowling alley. Also, if you take in the symmetry composition, it is interesting even to try in combination with the triangular composition. Born in height and depth to photos in doing so to, more photos felt the flow and movement, triangular composition, good dynamic photo is applied to widely, and I think that it becomes a very good photograph as composition. Shooting in symmetry composition places and, select the subject. However, precisely because something that can not be taken easily, the photos can be taken in the symmetry composition is I think that be an interesting photograph.
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