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After all, the S-shaped beautiful!
In the landscape, there are structures of nature of modeling and artificial. The Among them are also those constituted by a curve. By incorporating these well, you will be able to shoot in the composition of the S-shaped composition. S-shaped in the composition S-shaped, and reverse S-shaped. In this composition, it is possible to cut it by emphasizing the S-shaped in the landscape, you can can give depth and perspective to the screen, so that you can take pictures that feel the spread. You can also be made to have a soft image by the curve. It is a composition that is often used in landscape photography, but it is a composition which application is listening to other subject. When shooting in S-shaped composition, the effect is more likely out When you shoot at high angle. The high angle and is the angle to shoot from the location of the position overlooking the subject. Since high angle is a method which can be provided with a spread on the screen and will be even better pictures in synergy. Furthermore, S-shaped composition is to be to the way of taking the composition conscious etc. triangular composition, can be a good pictures of overall balance.
Curve becomes important in S-shaped composition can be formed by utilize the various objects. It is for example road, river, such as the flow of people. These subject in addition to feel the depth, is a familiar subject can feel the softness and calm. Besides that, I also can become S-shaped have rice bowl is in contact. Rather than take the cuisine, however, softness and warmth is felt by arranging the curve, it looks very appetizing. The other, such as animals and accessories will be the overall soft image and has been in this sequence. When model shooting, by making conscious strongly S-shaped to pose, so that you can look beautiful.
In very similar composition to the S-shaped composition there is a thing called C-composition. S-shaped composition is the same the imaging method was aware of the road and natural curve with. In order to incorporate well the C-is often to be taken by subtraction of the composition. The subtraction of the composition, you can place large subject, and let me blurring the background or to focus only on the subject, it is how to determine the composition going omitted what you do not need. Subject line of sight is concentrated more in doing this, you will be able to feel a sense of realism and powerful. This composition is recommended when you take a round thing. S-shaped composition and C-composition is only little is different form of the same curve. This is where to go find a unique curve becomes a point of curve composition.
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