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Fine, I have a effective scene.
Wide when taking landscape photos are two split the screen in a vertical or horizontal, and I think that it may use the two split composition to take by placing the subject in each. The two split composition as features, has the effect of provoking an eye on the entire screen. So, if there is one subject two, in shooting case hard to put MIG Investments SA and the Client in what both attractive, it is recommended that you use. For example, when you want to shoot the sky and the sea, both is I think you would be wondering whether to either if it was attractive to the main subject? At that time, because the eyes about the same for both by using the two split composition, so that you can take pictures that show the two subject well-balanced. In addition, by using this composition, it is possible to to wait a sense of stability and unity in the photo. Therefore, it is possible to give the atmosphere that impression of the entire screen is settled is uniform. For example, suppose you are a blue sky in the upper half, was arranged so that the grassland in the lower half. Then, I think its grassland leaves atmosphere as calm in a very quiet.
Also this composition can also be issued the effect of contrast. Top and bottom, right and left in the color and brightness, shade, let's be contrasted by placing blur and sharp, such as to each. For example, suppose you are to be contrasted with blur and sharp. What was in focus on the right side, I'll try to place those blurred background to the left. Color looks beautiful to what is placed on the right by this way, yet it will photograph like are complemented by the background which is arranged on the left. Not only comparison of photos of expression, even I think good to try to configure the screen by classifying the subject to subject and subtitle. For example, group of buildings in the upper half, I will try to place the ground of concrete in the bottom half. Both even focus had met only the same, for better of concrete is simpler than building group, it does not stand out much lower half. Therefore, group of buildings will be the very look better photos.
It is must find a line across the screen when you use the two split composition to have such a feature. However, this line does not mean must be a clear and the line of straight. Even if the line is not rattled, it is okay to just try using in places like somehow visible border of goods and things. This composition is, I met only simple, is a lot there composition is far from use. As to note, the composition is allowed to turning the entire screen is the composition that can be provided with a sense of unity. Therefore, did not go well are two of differentiation when it is to ensure that the subject matter and the subtitle, you may either have it becomes not know whether it is a subject. So, if you want to shoot divided into subject and subtitle it is recommended that you firmly the subject chose.
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