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I do not a panacea, let's consciousness at the time of photography!
And though I tried to shoot to place the subject in the middle of the screen, you do not like is good enough fit is poor. Balance between appearance and background is not balanced around, do not you such thing? Let's use the "three-split method" when it is lost in the composition. The three division method by pulling a line that three equal parts in horizontal and vertical screen is divided into nine, it is the composition that put the subject to be the main in the third. Also, the part where the line and the vertical and horizontal lines are overlapped, it is possible to put the subject to be the point, you will be able to take a natural photograph that was balanced. When there is a line across the screen, such as horizontal lines and the horizon, please try to shoot can be placed on top of the three equally spaced lines the screen. Such as sky and sea when it was the main subject, as can be increased place the sky and the sea with respect to the screen, let's close the camera up and down either. At this time, it is too close to the camera up and down so much, because the diffuse sometimes becomes photographic impression is the point to be fit on the line or the bottom line.
When you shoot some of the depth such as road, the horizon in the upper side of the line, if you place as road overlap to the left or right of the vertical line, you will be able to take in the representation depth is felt. When you shoot some of the spread, such as buildings and sky, you can shoot this way comes buildings and empty border on the lower side of the lateral line. Empty part is increased by doing so, you will photograph that spread. If you want to place a well-balanced subject, vertical and horizontal lines Let's place the main subject in the point of intersection. Since the point of intersection is four places, please try looking for a place to feel the most fit is good.
The recent camera, there is also a thing that can display a line of three division method in the viewfinder and LCD monitor by changing the settings. Even camera beginner, you can take a picture in a balanced composition by utilizing this. However, three division method because it is not a universal way, it does not mean do I everything's the fitted shooting. To show better the subject, there may be other good composition and maybe. Thirds to the too Good By overlaying exactly line, that it becomes only the photograph similar, is no interesting photo was taken even during photography. Since photo I think it also one of the best part that you take while considered to be the "will become a better photo I do?", Three division method is to the extent that a hint when you are in trouble, the subject at various angles it is recommended that you take pictures to see.
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