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If consciousness horizontal, stable pictures can be taken
It is a triangular composition If you want to take a sense of stability photos. Triangle composition is also referred to as the V-shaped composition. This composition is the earth is wide, the sky is small is characterized. By doing so, as a massive, you can give a strong impression. If you want to have a stout impression as much as possible, let's take it from the bottom and bend over. Than when it is taken with eye level, the land is large, you will be depth and sense of stability because heaven is reduced. Some of the height, it feels like extends to even higher heaven, which extends to the back, you received the impression that has continued all the way to further away. Quite so impressive turns come in position and height to shoot, it is good to try to take a variety of patterns to match the thing you want to my expression. Also in the photo of the post card, such as those sold in tourist destinations in classic about this composition has been used, I feel a sense of security and a sense of stability. In addition, high-rise buildings and mountains, They are also used when taking such as wood, we are also facing that issue depth and height. In this case, rather than take in landscape, who was taken with the camera in the vertical is, you will be able to express more height.
Also, that's triangle composition not only feel the strength, the subject is unity, it looks well-balanced. Such as to find the triangle in the landscape, it is about is said to be when a well-balanced take to shoot on the basis of it. Since triangular composition easy combinations with other composition, so that you can take pictures like traveling that I want to tell you and try a lot.
Triangle is seen well in the natural landscape, but there are things you see in artifacts, we can say that it is one of the composition that you use frequently so easy to be expressed. Like the mountain, originally not only look for what triangle, there is also a way of making a triangle composition by connecting multiple there a subject in line. Triangular composition does not necessarily mean dont and the apex angle of the triangle in the upper side of the frame is not this. Also, rather'm clean form of a triangle as equilateral triangle or isosceles triangle, it becomes a triangular composition when I become a triangle even if there is variation in the form such as scalene triangle. For example, cut the sky with triangular composition, and also out sense of depth to the form, such as the inverted triangle. In this way, you can find the triangle from various places in ingenuity.
However, if the base is not leveled it becomes unstable, because the massive sense of stability, which is a feature of the triangular composition is not represented please be careful. Composition a sense of stability is whether horizontal so susceptible to unstable impression even just lean a little, let's take good care.
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