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Departure from meaningless Hinomaru composition!
In the middle of the photograph the composition to shoot by placing the subject is called Hinomaru composition. This composition is suitable for it to bring out the subject. Since there is a subject in place easily enters the first when I saw the photo, you can see it is what you want to the leading role at a glance. Nothing tends to Hinomaru composition Turning the camera at the subject and without thinking, it is also a method people are just starting the camera is often used.
For the moment immediately go eye to protagonist seen, if there is a powerful on the subject itself, it becomes an attractive photo. For example, if you to Hinomaru composition when a macro lens to take in close proximity such as flowers will be a powerful photo. However, when taking a powerful no subject in the Hinomaru composition would be noticeable wasted space other than the subject, the lack of interest, since become mediocre photos, you need to be careful. To go eye to the subject when using this composition, let's so wasted space is not made. In addition, you become thinner impression of protagonist and the background is cluttered. If around is messy, make sure they stand out leading role as much as possible by, for example blurring.
It becomes larger picture and a powerful photo of the subject as the previous example, but it will be lonely photo by lonely Decreasing taking a major role in reverse. But, when you a lot of space around by reducing the subject, because what a lot there and lead to mess around, and where the scenery around, such as grassland and sea have been unified, if you were in town, blur protagonist is let to be seen in any of the immediately or Te. Hinomaru composition will vary the rattle and impression-taking of the surrounding space. Let's change the size of the subject to suit what you want to convey.
Sometimes Hinomaru composition might be said to be not good. It is a than become meaning not come transmitted anything from use without Hinomaru composition also photography, to be conveyed in my have a clear and if you use to have a meaning, the most straight it is a composition that can convey the thought. If Mikiwamere the use far from has never deviated gaze from the subject, you will a sense of stability and powerful photo. In addition, Hinomaru composition is due to the presence in the middle is the subject, is the focus is easy to match. There is no need to fine-tune the composition, since it is possible to immediately shoot, also has the advantage that it is less likely to fail strongly to shutter chance. By the way, named this Hinomaru composition is in the middle those made to the same a leading role as the Hinomaru bento, because its shape is similar to the Japanese Hinomaru flag, now and in such called the way.
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