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And good command of the mode dial!
The mode dial, it is a dial that is attached to the upper surface of the single-lens reflex camera. The difference between the dial, you can either make the settings when you take a picture on your own, just in that or turn them in automatic camera is determined. This time, it is a description of the in Canon camera.
M is called a manual, make the shutter speed and F value, other fine the settings manually. Degree of freedom is very high because it set all by yourself. So, you can be the most well photo that you want to express. In addition, in the case of automatic, you may would change the brightness even simply by changing the composition, but they are in the same brightness photo of that's manual. However, care must be taken because the camera fails often than other modes that will change without permission.
P is called the program mode. This mode, will change automatically according to the shutter speed and aperture in place. Other ISO and white balance and other fine feature of also want to remember the setting little by little so freely change thing is possible, it is the mode recommended for people who. However, sometimes basic settings can not be taken their own photos he wanted so automatic.
If you have written in green, is called a dial that has a square shape and fully automatic. As the name, not only the shutter speed and aperture, ISO is the first time in mode I do not know who that is also easy to take pictures often set so you go all the camera settings such as. This mode is useful for people who want to take a camera, however, also will come limited to that all can be expressed because it is automatic. Depending on the subject, it might be good to be changed mode.
Av is called the aperture priority auto, F value manually, the shutter speed will be done automatically. Since this mode is thought to first most the F value, and photos that takes advantage of blur, such as a photograph that was clearly up to the background, you can take a picture by adjusting the range of blur yourself. Shutter speed and F value increases will slow, it does not photograph with underexposure or overexposure is completed because the F value is increased automatically becomes lower.
Tv has been referred to as the shutter priority mode. This mode is in contrary to the aperture priority auto, shutter speed yourself, aperture is automatic. You can slow down the shutter speed, you can quickly, you can take a picture with their favorite speed. When you fast shutter speed will be dark photos, but if this mode, F value because the camera is me change automatically so that you can take pictures of proper brightness.
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