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The metering mode seems difficult, in fact it is easy.
Photometry and is, I say that the exposure meter that is built the amount of light reflected from the object to the camera to measure. By changing the metering mode, you will be able to put the change at the time of exposure calculation. If you try to correct exposure by changing the shutter speed and F value, you may want to or whitish or become totally blackish. In that case, you might use the exposure compensation, you may when that can not be a correction. At such times, it is possible to use the metering mode, it is possible to photometry based on the subject, you can be in he wanted exposure compensation of the photographer. Exposure mode, there are three types of multi-segment metering, center-weighted average metering, spot metering, you can change the location where you want to focus on photometry, respectively.
Multi-segment metering
The multi-segment metering and metering each with multi-dividing the entire screen. By doing so, it is a failure less correct exposure prone to. Bright I will clean take overall. So, most photo of me is a good take in this mode. Also, the camera comes with a default configuration has become in this mode. Multi-segment metering, care must be taken because the way is called by the manufacturer is different. When you want shaded in backlight, you can brightened without adjustment bright you take by using a multi-segment metering, you can take dark even if you do not have dark.
Center-weighted averaging metering
The center-weighted average metering, and on average metering the entire screen with an emphasis on the central part. This is, I am a good use if the subject is in the center. In addition, you will be able to take in much the same kind of brightness and when viewed by the human eye. However, it might not be suitable for lightness difference, such as the backlight is extreme. Center-weighted average metering, are also now a long time ago also become a basic camera metering modes.
Spot metering
The spot metering, I photometry only a narrow range of the screen. Since less susceptible around is easy to also exposed determined when lightness difference and if the backlight is intense. But, it is it is difficult to master because the entire screen only in a narrow range that you selected is determined. In the past, only to the camera, such as professional use it had not been installed.
The center-weighted average metering, spot metering I may take advantage of AE lock. With the AE lock, you can to fix the exposure value. This is, I can be fixed along with the focus on the half-press of the shutter button. In addition, you will be able to determine the focus, exposure and composition separately if there is AE lock button.
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