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 If Atsukaere the Picture Control, senior!
 A Picture control, that you want to change, and is what such overall color and brightness photo is set. In brief, it is like a finishing settings to be performed before taking, it will be described what is the approximate digital SLR, and standards, neutral, Portrait, landscape, is monochrome. Here, I'll explain what kind of effect that comes out this five Picture Control.
First, it is a standard feature to take a good feel in any scene or location from the. Because it any time any available almighty Picture Style, for now, it is always safe to be left in this picture style.
Then, it is neutral. The neutral, words meaning street, in order to take in such close hue and brightness to look, you can issue a natural atmosphere. Standard and different part of this picture style, the effect is less than the standard, photos become finish of the remains through a more lens, is that.
Then, Portrait refers to is that of picture controls that finished in overall soft atmosphere. Mainly, by the skin of people smooth finish as a sense of transparency, buildings and, will also be soft well atmosphere something other than a person. And when you take a woman, is when you take a pretty thing is may use this picture control.
Then, landscape and is, darker more the color of the subject, it is a picture control that will finish in color with deep. For example, forests and green becomes a deeper color, you will be lively atmosphere. Not only landscape, in order to obtain the same effect even with the portrait, as an image, it is the color of themselves more strongly, the feeling. Therefore, you will photos of a little hard feeling.
Finally it is monochrome. Monochrome and, not only that the represent the black and white is called that is expressed in a single color shades, such as sepia. This picture control Unlike other picture control, there is no extra information. Therefore representation of a single color, will be neat and impressive photos. Simple, is not only cool atmosphere, you take also of the warm atmosphere photos, because it is also a Picture Control choosing a subject, in the case of a photo spread is better color had with a representation, let's refrain to use. In addition, you can in the photo is monochrome that was shot in color, since photos taken with monochrome not be returned to the color, try to take once as a measure of this kana atmosphere to become?, It may be also of that set aside in color might be.
Since the Picture Control It is also possible to change to their liking, it might be interesting even if I made the original settings when you are familiar with.
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