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 Serving if possible exposure compensation
 Hey you want to bright, it is the exposure compensation to a subtle adjustment, such as you want to a little darker. You can also adjust the exposure compensation by changing the shutter speed and aperture value. Until his convincing, it would be good to continue to repeat the adjustment. Exposure compensation can also be adjusted on a PC, but the contrast (contrast) also will change. So, exposure compensation is a good to be set in the camera when you take. When bright later on a PC, you can look poor image quality is also high contrast. When dark to reverse contrast becomes low, there is likely to be in the photo you uninspiring.
 When in doubt to exposure compensation can be taken at the time being various brightness, let's decision later. Unexpectedly to or brightness of the photo on the liquid crystal between the camera and computer screen is different, there are many that feel that it is subtle when viewed later also photos that I thought I caught well. There is also a feature called automatic exposure (AE). For us to adjust to the correct exposure automatically shutter speed and aperture value. Since easy to use quite excellent and I think that it is good to basically use it.
 The camera will be transcribed in darker the white object automatically. My name is underexposed that this proper exposure photograph of becomes dark. You need to just good brightness by correcting the exposure to the positive side in the case of underexposure. Is called overexposure that would reflected to dark subject is bright in reverse. In this case, let's a little darker and the exposure compensation to the negative side. Underexposed, overexposed easier can that there is extreme exposure difference in the subject and its surroundings. However, in the mind underexposure and overexposure, and should not be relied on only automatic exposure. Since the automatic exposure the human skin is set as reflected in the clean may not appear on the clean when you take things.
 Moreover, it can become a photo with a transparent feeling and refreshing by the the positive deliberately exposure compensation, the exposure conversely emphasizes the vividness by the negative, it is possible to make pictures with calm dignified , it is not a unconditionally underexposed and overexposed is bad. Finally, do you want what is reportedly the to determine the proper exposure, it is what is shooting themselves you know that you that whether you want to emphasize.
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