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 White balance, you can easily change the atmosphere.
 You can then white white ones, and the adjustment can also be a suitable white under light called white balance. Such as sunny days and cloudy days, there is the color of the light is coming slightly different depending on the location and situation. Light of fluorescent lamps in the same light as greenish, light bulbs I looks like rests orange. The white balance is to correct to visible change in the color in the appropriate color. Since the white balance also will change hue, it is necessary to correct set to be in natural color photograph of. The digital camera has settings of the light source capable of adjusting automatically as auto white balance. Besides, represent a redness that white balance correction, there is also emphasize function. It is ideal for when you take a picture of the sunset when using this feature. You take a good photo and change depending on the situation and location when you take.
Just change the setting, the image changes
 White balance, incandescent light bulb, sunlight, there are several types, such as shade, sunlight, shade, and yellowish see's cloudy, looks bluish the color temperature is high it's incandescent light bulb. Such as cool and warm colors in each, there is a difference in color, if you want to totally warm photo photos, it is good to use the cloudy weather and shade. If you want to totally photo that was tight in the cool Conversely, white fluorescent light, you can take a picture of my imagination was color With the incandescent light bulb. If the setting of the fluorescent lamp to be a night scene in addition to that you can take a color photo of the closest to the natural look. If the setting of a light bulb when you take the food, you will see changes in delicious in neat color. This way will change better feel of the look by changing the white balance. But it is important to make a difference by atmosphere and situation of the place it is possible to put a lot of representation even doing in any setting.
Even in the same corridor, impression is different greatly.
 I can white balance can also be used in a smartphone that you often use. There is also a smartphone that can not be used by each model, but it is okay because the app also. White balance you can improve, such as a liquid crystal with redness, for us also, such as bleeding of improvement and mitigation. In addition to the change in color of the lighting in the room, the liquid crystal and if reddish light is visible Ppoku blue and white, it can be able to reduce the eye burden of the changing by adjusting the white balance setting. You can on the liquid crystal to reduce the burden of eye, and a liquid crystal that fits their own eyes, it is very useful feature because some use of my own such as the taste.
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