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 Shutter speed is an important element.
 The length of time the shutter is open I called the shutter speed. When a faster shutter speed, it will take less time to close from the shutter is open. On the contrary, when to slow down the shutter speed, the longer the shutter is open. When you set the shutter speed becomes faster and to increase the number, shutter speed and to reduce the number will be slower.
 Object the shutter speed is moving fast and can be a photograph, such as those stopped and somewhere south, camera shake, also subject blur less. Camera shake when you slow down the shutter speed, prone is subject blur, but you can of uplifting photo. In that case, when you shoot with a tripod you can take a few pictures of blur. By the way, if you want to prevent blur, people who are walking 1/250 seconds or more, ran in the case of people are 1/1000 seconds or more, when you take things early, such as car is a standard is to more than 1/2000 seconds .
 In addition, since it is possible to collect more lot of light when the shutter speed is slow, the photograph becomes brighter. Dark photo is finished for the shutter speed is less fast and gather light to reverse. It has become white and too bright if you going to take a very slow speed of movement in the photograph, was a dark Once taken by a faster shutter speed and met in a decisive moment, not least that. The shutter speed and to be aware of the brightness of the relationship people that hassle of taking a photo, let the dial to Tv on the top surface. This dial is called the shutter priority mode, if the shutter speed to their favorite fast, has become a mode that is willing to adjust the arbitrarily brightness.
 Such as macro photography, the focal length of the lens can be long, and shooting distance is shorter, camera shake and subject movement will be more noticeable. So, you will need more early shutter speed. In addition, you will need fast shutter speed If you think tries to enter full screen even subject the same to move to, you need to be careful because the subject would also out of the frame immediately. However, reducing also the shutter speed the subject is required if there is no so large. Many margin become minute in the frame, I think somewhat become easier also to follow the subject. If you degree increases that system goes to those flows subject is large when taken at the same shutter speed.
 If you want to shoot a fast moving subject to faster shutter speed, is hard thing to take that to suit yourself the focus subject is too fast. So, if the shutter that auto focus on the half-press automatically fail that focus Using the function that will focus on the subject did not match is decremented.
 Imaging method using a shutter speed There are many. For example, it is a way of taking pictures of the state that person is in the air to jump by setting the shutter speed. Set the shutter speed to high speed of more than 1/1000 seconds, you may want to lock the focus at the position that it would roughly come here in the wide-angle lens. The height of the camera is much ground, we recommend that you to like as much as possible reflected many empty position. Taking the people who are in the air to jump, or a funny attitude, since their own in the lead to the unexpected face that are not aware, it is interesting different posture and facial expressions to be naturally taken the usual.
 There are other things that "panning" the technique to take with a slower shutter speed. Panning is that it is the same speed to move the camera speed and of movement of the subject, is a technique to flow the background copy is stopped only subject. If you use this method, you can have a movement on the subject. When you want to put out a liquidity feeling slow shutter is advantageous as dim better condition, such as day light conditions, such as cloud is low.
 There is a thing called "wood shed" in the application of panning. This technique is put flowers and trees between the subject and the camera, it is possible to shoot at low speed shutter, realism and seasonal, you can issue the dynamic sense. It would be good to take from the state of much subject seem to flower over when using this technique. Since the slow shutter is there a difficult technique, but it is okay if out realistic even though shake. It is recommended that you use a tripod if you want to put the movement as much as possible because it 's remains with the camera shake resulting in going on when shooting at a low speed.
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