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 ISO is initially be okay even AUTO!
 Goodness of the sensitivity to feel the light, I called the ISO that of sensitivity. Number is also higher high and sensitivity. Since the ISO is easily captured more high and light, even in a dark place, the person also background also not dark, you can take the appropriate brightness photo. General camera lowest sensitivity of ISO is in many cases that is a 100. Dattari camera is the latest, as the become what price may be high or, the upper limit of the ISO will be more and more high. In addition, since the ISO can be higher bright shooting, to not dark and a faster shutter speed, you can take a few pictures of blur. You can get enough light even without raising the ISO it's outdoors during the day, but if you take indoors, as compared with the light of the sun even in a room with electric falls degree dive brightness. It is not necessarily the only dark evening or at night to use the ISO because it is. Let appropriately adjusted depending on the location.
 The ISO will be out rough overall too high, the noise in the photo is generated. Therefore, ISO is not able to raise indiscriminately, you may keep to the extent that the blur is eliminated. Recently, while others function to reduce the noise that up too of ISO resulting in out due is attached. It is of that noise reduction, but still 100% noise does not mean that become zero. In order to reduce noise, photo overall sharpness is lost, it will become fine place is blurred pictures. So, I usually leave this feature is turned off, it is recommended really only be used when the noise is terrible.
 To eliminate as much as it is not possible to yourself commitment can be set the noise, and I think also good to the ISO auto If you want to minimize the camera shake. Set You can also less able to miss a photo opportunity distracted by that. Conversely, if you have been taking it thinking it's shutter chance, did not there is brightness, also can prevent that. In addition, when the zoom lens, easier conspicuous amount corresponding camera shake and subject blur that it is possible to reduce the distance to the subject. If you increase the ISO to at that time, you can reduce the blur it is possible to more quickly the shutter speed.
 This ISO is also contains the smartphone visceral camera, but not out noise in single-lens reflex camera, sometimes noise to be a smartphone visceral camera is out. In addition, because the noise is intense than the single-lens reflex camera in the case of smartphone ISO is is better that you do not use often. In the case of compact digital camera, but than smartphone is a high sensitivity, will be still noise out. Is a good shooting and of using a single-lens reflex camera If you want to shoot, such as absolutely night.
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