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 Maybe F value is the most difficult
 F value is also referred to as the aperture value. In the camera settings, you might best understand difficult field. When squeezing the F value becomes larger number that is written to the display, the numbers will be reduced in size when open the F value. Is called the open F value the brightness of the state of the fully open in the iris of the lens. F value of the focus is going to change in the iris, I will adjust the size of the light of the path. Aperture is where adjusting the size of the hole in the lens.
I replace this with changes in the F value
When the background is blurred, the side is to focus on the subject to see
 F value not only subject you want to take as large a, the firmly-through without any blurring that subject before and after, focus range will be widely. The amount of light of the lens is less. Refers to the range that appears to-focus and depth of field, depth of field changes by changing the aperture F value. Range to suit the depth of field is deep enough focus is often. Because there is a narrow range of the depth of field is fit shallow enough focus, you will be able to more emphasize the subject. In the photograph with view of the move I use this effect. By using such front and rear of the focus and blur, so that you can take crisp and the scenery.
 Since the amount of incoming light and squeeze the F value is reduced, the photograph becomes darker overall. Since the amount of reverse incoming and open the F value to light increases you will bright photos. We will change by photos you want to take, respectively. For example, when you want to put the sun, you can take the soft light of the sun and a larger F value. In quite squeeze the F value stop to the light of the sun is reflected clearly, you can take the light of the sharp sun and take. Both are photos of a beautiful sun. Photo representation of how the will continue to differ by squeezing how the F value. In addition to photographs in the aperture of F values will continue to rapidly change.
 Blurring effect of the F value will change by the camera of the type and lens, but it is the same thigh. But in compact digital camera can not quite be issued a blur. In addition to adjust the blur and focus on the F value, there is also a change of image quality and shutter speed. The image quality, will become when it is too iris image quality is poor. Is a change in shutter speed will come out blur by hand shake is too large the F value. Such time in it is good to continue to prepare tripod.
 F2.8 or blurred background is well from F1.4, you may become faster at a rate of shutter. Background is that he F22 or more to not blur too much, shutter speed will be slower. F value in this way it is necessary master well.
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