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 Cable release

 Cable release and is used to when a fixed shooting the camera on a tripod. The camera is fixed to a tripod, yet are subject to camera shake. Has this cable release to prevent it. And connect the cable to the camera, the shutter will turn off by pressing the button attached to the cable. Of course, the same shooting in self-timer function is possible, but it is useful to also have this cable release in order not to miss a photo opportunity you do not know when to visit.


 Scene that use the cable release is located in different, but when you take the thunder, when taking a night scene, such as when you take the fireworks, a photograph light conspicuous will stand out well also blur. If there is a cable release at such time, do not miss the photo opportunity, so that you can take pictures without blur. In this way, it is convenient or when, to be in when you take a picture that does not want anyway shake to take pictures that blur becomes conspicuous. In addition, cable release, so can not only use those that were in the models, please be careful when buying.


 In addition, there is also a thing of the remote control type that the shutter is released simply by pressing the switch, even from a distance. But, because the remote control has a large time lag of up to release the shutter from cable release, please choose the ones that were in the photos and subject myself to take.

 Recording media & battery
 In the case of digital camera, you must have a recording medium for recording instead of film. Since space is no longer the shooting is not continue, you can turn off immediately, the people who do not immediately put the data to the PC I recommend is to buy things of large capacity. Also, most of the recording media is that can be used in a variety of media as the SD card, the time becomes necessary as it can record at a high speed to shoot a moving image, so as not selected in price only Island quotient.
 In addition, the digital camera is not able to take pictures with the battery is missing. Shall be set to the body, of course, let's so there is no fact that the battery was not in when you want to take with a spare battery. In particular, due to the large consumption of battery if you want to shoot it with the accessories that consumes the battery such as a flash, please be sure to prepare for the spare battery. Also, as in the mirror-less interchangeable lens, and some battery consumption model itself is large. You should check and whether models that have a their own can be many pictures. In addition, since recently is also stylish case, it might be fun to try to stick to, such as the put away case record media and battery. .
 Lens hood.

 Lens hood can be attached to the tip of the lens, is designed to reduce the light do not need. In some cases, you are directly attached to the lens. Helps when the backlight, you'll be able to finish the photo to better. However, since those of wide angle such as wide angle of view lens hood might become crowded Ballmer to photograph, there is a need to change the lens hood in the type of camera. In addition, also to is possible to protect the lens from impact and scratches, it is not bulky so much because those removable can be attached to most upside down. And place to have a lot of people, because what the lens scratch is likely also to arrive in a large place, let's to give to not forget.

 Lev plate
 The reflector, reflects the flash and ordinary light, it is meant to be shooting against the light on the subject. At the time of the backlight, Dari prevent the subject becomes dark, the light that's sunlight too strong, it can be soft through the reflector. As the name, or the form of a plate, those excellent folding portability, are as umbrellas type, material used for a portion which reflections, those white become soft light reflectance or high a lot, such as those of silver paired light, let's distinguish according to the application and location. In particular, those of the parasol expressions you can use when you disperse the light, and the subject a plate-like, is suited to that shed light on pin point to what you want to shed light. Since coming changed the application and effect by the shape, when you buy, you can either take any photos, or Consider well and whether there is nothing that can be substituted.
 By the relationship of the position of the reflector and the light source, photos taken also Masu Li radically the river. For example, to use a reflector in the case of the backlight Once directly copy the subject, and illuminate only the part you want to attention, the subject is, you want the impossible not illuminated the way with only natural light. By doing so, you can become a photograph that remains more impression, you will photos of mysterious feeling. It is suggested that you do shoot at the thought reflectance of reflector to be used.
 ND filter
 ND filter is attached to the front surface of the lens and refers to the gray filter which is able to reduce the amount of light. ND (Neutral Density) and there is a sense that the dimming is, some people called a neutral density filter. This filter will vary the amount of light to reduce the density of the filter, since it is possible to adjust the amount of light without compromising image quality, is a useful tool when they have. Number behind the ND filter is used to indicate whether it can reduce the amount of the fraction of the incoming light. For example, the amount of light you were ND2 becomes a half, it is that. Even if they do not have only the same thickness of the filter, and by using or by overlaying, it is possible to adjust the light.
 And but want to reduce the light, you do not want to change the now of camera settings, in case that, it is useful to have this ND filter. For example, when you are taking the water, such as when you are panning the car, so drop the shutter speed if you take the things that move, light will enter the extra. I will drop the amount of light in such ND filter when such. Also, since there is also a dedicated filter to shoot such as the sun, and I think that it is interesting to try to shoot with. However, because the filter is quite dark for taking such as the sun, you can not use most of the ordinary photography.
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