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 Tripod, unsung hero. One can try to put always in hand!
 Using a tripod is not shake when you press the shutter. In addition, when when using a tripod there is a cable release, finish beautifully and less and less landscape photo blur than the release the shutter by hand. Thing you can freely move the focus to be on a tripod + live view (be viewed on the LCD screen rather than the viewfinder), you will be able to focus more accurately because it is scaling. When other to also take a group photo, you can everyone if you use a tripod and self-timer moves to photograph. It was not entered only people who are taken to when something commemorative and important of, you will not be called.
 However, there are many types to say on a tripod and bite, you have changed the tripod to use depending on the application. Kind of tripod There are three roughly. The first one is a tabletop tripod. This tripod is a convenient tripod to carry such as can be placed in a bag for price cheap small. Travel is recommended for people you do not want to have a have too and so on. However, functionality There is anxiety that support the heavy camera so not very high. In addition, life is no longer so cheap. Is the potential is high that will break soon as you or drop.

 The second is a small tripod. In tripod is often people of camera novice buy, lightweight, it is convenient to carry. Also, price is also making it easier determined by the relatively inexpensive. Is there from those cheap price to those a little high among the small tripod, but there is also in its own way durability that he high. However, you can use them in the legs to maximum, and or use in windy conditions, it is necessary to note that would out instability.


 Then I will introduce the medium-sized and large tripod. You have stretched even to become and price to medium-sized, but you can also withstand the weight of the minute SLR. When the wind is strong and, in order to take such as the night sky, it is convenient tripod and have to when there is a need to significantly slow down the shutter speed. Want to take things nice in the single-lens reflex, may not hurt also by have people say, but you do not need to buy a medium-sized and large tripod If you want to use a tripod in such as a compact digital camera.


 Tripod is up to the cheap ones from high. Sometimes fall is cheap because the appropriately Buying and his camera shake or camera each tripod is defeated in weight to say. Reverse it becomes tedious to carry even too heavy to buy high on, sometimes it becomes the length thing useless. Please Consider once he or want to take is any photo in the tripod.

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