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 Success of location, not just the dark!

 At the time of shooting and Speedlite, It is a tool to use in order to shed light on the subject. Such as a flash that you can use are attached to the camera also referred to as the Speedlite. Speedlight, originally or are attached to the camera, you can use it by mounting after the camera, there is a thing of the stand-light type to light by connecting the sync cord and camera.


 Mono block strobe which is often used in stand-light type speedlight, comes with a light intensity adjustment function to write itself. Besides that, there is such as modeling lamp switch, slave switch, test light emission and, there is also such as those that sound to inform the charging is completed. I might model san out I think to image a strobe that use at the time of the shooting. When using the flash unit, all that most need it is possible to adjust the amount of light must be adjusted to the best amount of light he thinks. This Speedlight is often of imaging using more than two lamps, this reason, only one lamp light is strong is because that will become stronger shade also reversed. Of course, make a strong shadow, it is good if you want to take a picture contrast is large, there when you take the soft light pictures of the need to weaken the shadow of each other in two lights. However, if you are to carry it also 2-lamp is difficult budget you do not want to spend too much either, white cloth that also umbrella and diffuser one lamp only, and is used with a reflector, and subject the light light and through them reflected in there the hit is to take the picture to. Then I will be able to soft light shooting in one lamp.


 Type of Speedlight with a built-attached to the camera will emit light only at the time of release the shutter. Compact digital camera, many types such as the smartphone-tablet built-in camera that this feature with originally in the body, is often of a type that if anything is to buy from later in the digital single-lens reflex. The advantage of this type of Speedlight is that it is easy to carry to much compared to the stand type. If you want to reduce the amount of light, is also easy to adjust the amount of light, such as digital if flash exposure compensation. In addition, there is also a thing called color filter, it is possible to adjust the color of the light, even I think good to try to change depending on the scene.

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