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 Wife role lenses, which bring out the performance of the camera! !

 Does not change the impression of large photo also change the camera body, but it will change dramatically by changing the lens. And, it is important to to take good pictures to know the characteristics of each lens. Lens is often is expensive to, but because they have an expensive lens long, you might be better to have a few things expensive. However, the lens it is important to firmly care because sometimes mold occurs. Also, please be careful because the lens can not be used as not the same standard as the camera body. Angle of view, ultra-wide-angle lens, wide angle lens, standard lens, will become narrower in the order of the telephoto lens.

Lens is classified into two types in either can change the focal length
Short focus lens

 That of the focal length is not changed lens I called a single-focus lens. Because the distance The focus has been determined from the beginning, when you expand, you must photographer moves themselves. You think is the more convenient of the zoom lens, but the single focus lens for those F value is bright small is large, then you can take the dark places, such as at night or indoors, is easy to take a beautiful blur photo . Single focus lens is a lens of focal length of 50mm buying easy inexpensive popular than the zoom lens.

Zoom lens

 To a lens capable of changing the focal length in a certain range, is called a zoom lens. The lens for the first time has become the camera and set has almost this is entered. The zoom lens is easy to make the composition, can be a variety of expression just have one. However, zoom lens F value is also disadvantage large dark lens. You can compensate for the brightness in such camera settings if you want to take a bright photo, it is necessary to adjust by taking in a lot of light.

Lens is classified into five types in the role
Standard lens

 Focal length is called a standard lens that of 50mm before and after lens. It contains well to set for beginners lens kit with the most popular zoom lens. Photos taken with a focal length 50mm is almost the same as the field of view of the person, you can take natural photos. When you took the photo, it is that it is good to that is "not be taken while watching", but such a thing is low in this lens. Because the lens that will doing tactfully also basically any shooting, it is a lens that can be active in a variety of situations.

Wide-angle lens and ultra-wide-angle lens

 The focal length that of 28 ~ 35mm of the front and rear lens is called a wide-angle lens. It is perfect to take a wide landscape photography range that can be taken as compared to 50mm. If you use indoors you can fit most of the room in one of the photos. I can dynamic shooting with a wide angle of view. There is a pan-focus effect, which is to focus on all that is reflected in the extremely perspective effect and the screen put out a perspective on the wide-angle lens. Focal length is called a super-wide-angle lens of the following ordinary wide lens angle of view than a wide-angle lens 24mm. There is extreme perspective than wide-angle lens, you can take a photo with powerful. Because from the photo, such as drawn and a jerk, it is interesting to try to take a big subject. Since the angle of view is wide, let's be careful because that would have been had without noticing what you do not want to copy, such as their feet. Also, let's aware that it is approaching so look away more than a wide angle.

Fisheye lens

 I called a fish-eye lens that of the lens image can take the round distortion wide range. You can then copy the views of the roughly 180 degrees that can not be seen in person. It might take even photos like never ever in the use of ingenuity. Moreover, it is interesting to take the building and landscape, but it is interesting even to or take the face of humans and animals. There are two types of diagonal fisheye and circular fish eye to fish-eye lens. So, it is necessary to check whether both types is given to when buying.

Telephoto lens

 Focal length is called a telephoto lens that of 200mm ~ 300mm of front and rear lens. In general as the focal length is 200mm, 300mm, the greater the 400mm and the telephoto range, the price of the lens will continue to rise. Compared to such standard lens, the telephoto range is self-explanatory. It allows you to copy large attracted what is far away. So, if you are suitable for shooting portraits, you can take the natural look of without people making conscious the photographer. In addition, it is also suitable to be taken, such as escapes to be approaching animal.

Macro lens

 Is called a macro lens that of larger take lens is to focus on those small. Blurring of the macro lens is very clean, you will be able to copy, such as insects and flowers in full screen at close range. However, it will become a big blur when it is blurred to have taken. Standard macro lens, medium telephoto macro lens, There are three types of telephoto macro lens. Since the focal length each is different, let's use it to match the ones you want to take.

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