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Digital camera is roughly divided into three types of non-smartphone!
One is a digital single-lens reflex camera. Performance of the camera body is very high, we use almost single-lens reflex camera also more professional. There are a number of corresponding lens, you can shoot and replace it according to the shooting purpose and preferences. Because the digital single-lens reflex viewfinder there is, if except in the viewfinder, you'll be able to concentrate by the photographer at the scene, such as focusing, framing. In addition, single-lens reflex, because the depth of field is shallow, you can make easily blur. Single-lens reflex camera performance is high minute, price is also high. Meanwhile, since it is impossible to put away the lens body and bulky. In addition, heavy If you Take lens for your application, you may can not be taken in the best lens even have met precious photo opportunity if you do not take them in reverse.
The person that the order would be delayed care I recommend Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. Without saying a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera by manufacturers, you can have a unique product name, but the structure is the same. Mirror-less SLR is a digital camera capable of digital SLR Like lens exchange. In addition, Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera then you are lighter, is the camera-specific sound of "Kosher" is small at the time of shooting. It is ideal for situations where you do not want to put out a sensitive subject and sound to the sound. In recent years, there is a popular women by it that take it light to photograph close to the single-lens reflex camera is small. On the other hand, mirror-less interchangeable lens is fast always exhaustion of ON so the battery power of the plate of the LCD screen and the imaging element. It is important to keep the preparation of preliminary battery always. Also, is the speed of the auto focus is relatively slow.
Next, is a compact digital camera. You can not but unlike SLR replacement of the lens is a compact digital camera. Basically, you may become poor image quality and digital zoom, but those of the recent performance has been getting better and better. In addition, super-telephoto type, such as part and what can be taken that specializes in, there is also such as waterproof. The reason why the location and weather can carry it without worry too much is one of the benefits. You can go immediately got to put to slip into a bag, is in many cases of the easy to hold weight even small children. Since the compact digital camera is deep depth of field, it is hard to make a blur. In addition, the speed of autofocus is slow also features.
The third is the toy digital camera. Street toy digital camera named toy is made of plastic, it is cheaper than single-lens reflex cameras and compact digital camera. Toy digital camera is something different quality even make the same lot, distortion and blur will be created because of that. In addition, such as color also to those unlike reality, will create an unique photo. When you use the effect, become a taste photo, it is deep-rooted popular camera still. However, since plastic lens, single-lens reflex cameras and compact digital camera focus is unlikely to fit compared to, it will become particularly photographs four corners were blurred. You'll also say camera that is not suitable for everyday use because it is.
 Even its own charm to the film camera
Although we have a description of the digital camera, there is also a thing called film camera. Difference of film cameras and digital cameras are recording method of the photos taken. Digital camera will record in the memory card, but the film the camera will record a film. Digital camera can be used repeatedly as many times as if erased the photos do not need, but is costly because it does not use only a single case of a film. In addition, the digital camera is that you can see the photos taken on the spot, film camera does not know whether became what photos unless they are developing. However, I its development pounding feeling you do not know only from even a one fun of the film camera.
 A camera that uses film I will introduce two. Famous in the film camera is an instant camera. There are benefits that it can be developed with a film camera that the spot was taken to. Also, is a popular reason to kind sense of young people that the era of digital ones are everywhere come out as soon as you take the instant camera. However, instant camera is a place that becomes a high price to be applied per one high film can say it's disadvantages.
 The two eyes is that silver halide film camera. Silver halide film camera can not finish such as adjusted as a digital camera, but you can various expression by changing the film. Silver halide film camera, immediately by shooting will not be able to confirm what kind of photos were taken. Because for the first time to try to developing what the photo of whether well known, is to take a good photo, it is necessary to study than digital camera. Also, when you digitize the image data, it takes time and money because it uses a dedicated machine. The film is memory - it does not use the difference many times with the card, you need to buy again.
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