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If, you are suddenly passed the camera, if you said, "You have to come to take the neighborhood", do you take any pictures? You might think neither place to take special something nearby ... and. But look closely, there should be various things. In carrying actually make the site, and the amateur who touch the first camera in the members, I had to take pictures around the school to professional, who has continued to take in the club. Our rivers and vegetation in the vicinity of the school to attend, there is a residential area. And, in the vegetation insects, is in a residential area people can also be seen, of course stray cat. Even in landscape you are looking at this as well, there are a variety of subject If you look well. It was a walk around photos of journey of just walking around the neighborhood, or Will took what two people in it. So let's compare the amateur's and professional's Photos.
Amateur's Flipnote
Professional's Flipnote
Well, can not and I think I was either? Package to watch the amateur's Photos and refers to either of the photos, the color of the photos, even for a dark, not very good photos. In addition, because there is no clear-cut subject, it is difficult to understand is what I want to show which part of the photo to the other party, it becomes atmosphere the entire photo is blurry, it does not remain in the impression. Professional's compared with it, the color of the photo is a vivid, has a photograph to be attracted. Subject also, because they are clearly as such as "tree", "Bees went to flower", which is to understand better whether it is a subject, it will tell you whether the well trying to show you what the other party. Since these photos were taken with the same camera, the performance of the camera itself is together. However, this difference is not a difference of sense and talent. 's The depth of the camera from being changed radically impression by simply changing the camera settings and composition.
It is possible to be in the photo, its when feelings and you feel, minus your interest, you can leave to your hand without fading views that I thought it was beautiful. Family and friends, a lifetime of memories with lover, and Doing a that you have in the form that can be seen at any time, do not you think it's nice? And, a photograph of such charm Do not you think that you also want to take? And of that leave memories in photos it is wonderful thing. Such, that it that take a picture with the camera, I think I want to try to more people.
However, it is not that easy to represent the excitement in the photo. In fact, the subject and landscape amateur san took was more beautiful. Left of photo of leaves was originally to was like feel coming of autumn If you are steeped in bright red, to around the right of photo river, small yellow flowers bloomed a lot. But, amateur's can not be derived either attractive, and has become in this photograph like. Cleanly copy of it, but it should be a photo what you have seen, do not you think that's strange? And, professional's will use the same as the amateur's, but it should have taken the same leaves and flowers, it is a beautiful color, such as in situ whether copy as it is. Rather, it has become a photo of vividness of more subject.
But what can we take good pictures if you do? Also, how fail or will be able to avoid After you? The secret is you can see if you read this site. Will be even more fun than it is now to be that take the kit photo If you read. So, let's know more about photos.
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