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 Amateur and professional
 Amateur and professional                 
 Introduction of equipment's
 Camera  Lens  Speedlight  Tripod  Other 
 Camera Settings
 F-measure  ISO  Shutter speed  White balance  Exposure compensation  
 Picture Control  Metering mode  Mode dial           
 Introduction of composition
 Japanese flag composition  Diagonal composition  Triangular composition  Three split composition  Two split composition     
 S-shaped composition  Symmetry                  
 Shooting technique
 Monochrome  Vivid  Sepia  Angle  Level  Girari  Super High key
 Motion blur  Static and dynamic  Flow rotation  draw nearer  Silhouette  Backlight  Trick 
 Leaf illumination  Taking object  Cuisine  Cuisine  Flash stop
 Progress diary of Refco
 1 to 15  16 to 30
 Terminological dictionary
 Terminological dictionary
  -Other     -Static and dynamic